Marto and Ed Kavalee dissect the Liberal leadership spill

This morning on Triple M Breakfast Brisbane, Marto and Ed Kavalee spoke to some key politcial players about the Liberal leadership spill. Joined by Clive Palmer and Dr John Hewson the Grill Team discussed the affect that yet another leadership spill will have on the country. 

Hewson had this to say about the Spill:

“We’ve got an issue now when we’ve had five Prime Ministers in five years, I think the electorate is probably pretty sick of all that and they feel like they should make that choice rather than the party so I do think there is a possible electoral backlash to these changes”

“He [Turnbull] needs to step out of the day to day contest the media contest … a bit of medium to longer term leadership, show a bit of vision…put some difficult policies debates on the agenda, and argue his case through them take the electorate with him, if he does that I think people will believe the change was worth while but if he just does more of the same I think people will toss their arms in the air and go on not liking either major party quite frankly”

Palmer put his two cents in on our new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull:

“It’s not about people it’s about policies and what we can do for the country and for Australians, Malcolm Turnbull’s got a great opportunity but we have to not just look at him we’ve got to look at what he can do and what policies he can bring and how he’ll change the country and give us better hope for the future”

“The main thing is the economy and for every family that lives out there to have a rising standard of living rather than a declining standard of living, he’s got the opportunity to do that now”

“yeah I think I support and trust him at the present time yes”

You can hear the full interview with Clive Palmer here and the full interview with Dr John Hewson here.

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