Clive the talkback quiz winner

612ABC Brisbane host Kelly Higgins-Devine was a bit surprised at the talkback caller who won today’s afternoon show quiz.

Shrugging off turmoil in his party for a more important activity, Palmer United Party leader Clive Palmer called in hoping to win a DVD in the ‘Guess the G20 Celebrity World Leader’ quiz, which has been running all week on the station, in the lead up to the G20 summit this weekend.

The mining billionairre, who has had a rocky relationship with his Chinese trading partners, correctly named Xi Jinping, president of the People’s Republic of China after hearing these clues:

  • This world leader married a famous folk singer, and has a daughter who studied at Harvard University.
  • This world leader studied chemical engineering in the ’70s, and also claims a law doctorate.
  • This world leader loves Hollywood films, including Saving Private Ryan.
  • This world leader was 15 when his father, a communist revolutionary, went to prison.

Palmer was the first caller through to Higgins-Devine:

HD: “So, we have Clive on the line to answer … this afternoon. Good afternoon,”

CP: “Hi. How are you?”

HD: “Good. Would that happen to be Clive Palmer?”

CP: “Yeah that’s me – it’s Xi Jinping.”

HD: “Would you like a DVD sir?”

CP: “Absolutely, that’s why I rang up.”

Palmer chose a BBC documentary DVD about Snow Leopards.

Not one to let a chance go by, Higgins-Devine did not let the quiz caller get away without a few follow up questions:

In light of leadership conflicts within PUP that have surfaced in the media, Higgins-Devine asked Mr Palmer: “What makes a good leader?”

“I think the ability to go against the tide… telling the truth,” responded Palmer..

Earlier today, PUP expelled Senator Jacqui Lambie’s chief of staff Rob Messenger from the party, following Senator Lambie’s criticisms of Mr Palmer’s leadership and fellow colleagues.

Palmer told 612 ABC Brisbane that leadership challenges were “good for democracy”.

Listen to the quiz with a difference here.



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