Matt & Alex’s J Trade ends with a donation

triple j Breakfast’s Matt & Alex have concluded their quest to trade Matt Okine’s relatively worthless $10 expired scratchie ticket for a $7000 snow cone and fairy floss business which they have donated to youth charity Red Frogs.

The mission, which began over 3 months ago, has seen the boys travel across the country to exchange the scratchie for a Pokemon card, then a car, a pregnant alpaca named Lucky, a diamond ring and finally everything they needed to become the owners of an ice shaving business.

To celebrate the journey, the world’s first Rave & Shave was held in Brisbane, where doof and snow cone enthusiasts alike congregated to witness the final trade, and rave to DJ sets, inspired by the music behind Matt & Alex’s weekly Tuesday Weather Rave segment.

triple j host Alex Dyson summed up the journey best by saying “So many Australians came together to help make this increasingly bizarre series of trades a success, with alpaca births, non alpaca engagements and Darude’s seminal track ‘Sandstorm’ all uniting in a glorious syrupy celebration.”


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