A winner for $60,000 secret sound

Over the past four weeks mix94.5’s Clairsy, Shane and Kymba’s $60,000 Secret Sound has a winner with Diane from Eaton taking home $60,000!

When asked what she is going to do with the money, Diane told Clairsy, Shane and Kymba she has 6 kids, 5 grandkids and 1 grandchild on the way, so there are plenty of loved ones to share the $60,000 with. 

The presenters didn’t know the Secret Sound and when Diane guessed it was undoing your earring and putting the studs back together, it suddenly clicked.

Kymba said, “I hear that sound all the time and when Diane guessed it this morning it seemed so obvious! $60,000 can be life changing and I’m so glad it went to a grateful family”.

The competition isn’t quite over on mix94.5, everyone who has had a guess at Clairsy, Shane and 

Kymba’s $60,000 Secret Sound is also in the draw for a new Mazda 3 Neo. They’ll be drawing the winner just after 7am Monday, November 10th on mix94.5.

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