Matthew Cooper is stripped of his position at SCA, but Kyle offers him a job

The fate of Matthew Cooper may have been decided, with the Daily Telegraph reporting (subscription required) that he has been dismissed.

The report has not been confirmed by SCA.

The radio sales manager for 2Day FM and Triple M, who stripped for a nudie run at a weekend NRL match, is understood to have lost his job after a brief investigation by the HR department at the company.

Cooper was attending the game on a complimentary ticket he obtained through work, as SCA holds radio broadcast rights for some NRL games.

He made his mad dash in front of 24,000 fans, wearing only sneakers, and had to be wrestled to the ground by security and is due to front court next month.

Meanwhile Kyle Sandilands has offered Cooper a job representing the Kyle & Jackie O show saying on his program this morning “He was a radio guy. He worked over at 2DayFM and Triple M and he wasn’t just any old guy, he was the sales manager for both stations.

“Apparently he’s a very high flyer, a big deal, had very big clients. The clients loved him and think he’s a top bloke.

 “Matthew Cooper you have everything it takes to represent the Kyle & Jackie O show. Put on your little suit, pants or no pants, front up here at the radio station and we will organise something for you. You have a place amongst us.”




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