Mel Greig has a new gig: ‘Radio not a place I want to return to at the moment’

Former SCA Hot 30 Countdown host Mel Greig has joined The Kingdom, an Adelaide based digital inbound marketing and content specialist.

Using the HubSpot platform, The Kingdom is an Ad agency with a strong IT bent.
Greig has joined the team as a Content Managing Marketer, Blogger and Podcasting expert. She told radioinfo:

“A year ago I was so adamant that I wanted to return to radio but I’ve since realized, it’s my passion to create content and use my voice again that is my driving force.


I love doing guest speaking, I love jumping on the Kochies Angels Panel on Sunrise and I love delivering content at The Kingdom.

That’s a lot of love and it’s the final piece of the puzzle to allow me to do what I love in every aspect.”

She told the Mumbrella Conference in Sydney this week she found it hard not to be bitter when she saw that other people involved in the prank still had jobs and some had moved to other stations or been promoted. In her talk she said she “fought for her life… after suffering depression” following the tragic nurse prank and repeated her earlier advice to change the way pranks are handled in the radio industry.

“For that reason, and a range of other things currently going on in the radio industry, it’s now not a place that I want to return to at the moment, and I hate feeling that way because I love radio.”

Commenting on whether the ACMA should punish 2Day FM, she focussed on the need for further training in her Mumbrella session: “I don’t think placing a huge punishment on 2Day FM as a whole will necessarily assure that the same mistakes aren’t repeated. I know as an individual I have learnt a lot and have spent a lot of time analysing what went wrong. And that’s what we need to do, learn from mistakes… we need a change of mindset in the industry and we need to realise that we don’t need to be careless to create great content.”

You can check out Mel Greig’s Kingdom profile here.

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