How will artificial intelligence affect media and advertising?

In a game-show format panel discussion today at the Mumbrella360 conference, radio and tv presenters Paul Murray and Jules Lund joined advertising and marketing trend watchers to discuss Artificial Intelligence.
The light hearted session raised some serious points for broadcasters and advertisers about how audiences, and advertisers will use A-I in the near future.
How do we feel about machines getting better than humans? “If my life choices are to eat badly and die young… I don’t want a machine to give me healthy choices,” joked Paul Murray answering that question.
Do you look forward to when technology is smarter than us? Helen McCabe said yes. Jules Lund sent her up for her opinion, citing technology that is potentially available today: “When your devices are all connected, your toilet will analyse your urine and tell your fridge that you are low in iron. It will order more steak… but no more curry.”
Discussing ‘always on’ technology, the panel used the examples of Amazon Echo and the Samsung TV, which are always listening. “You can say where are my keys, or play my playlist, and it will give you recommendations based on your conversation… Samsung TVs have a warning that they are always listening.”
Where will the jobs be in the future?

“A-I in cars will drive and park for you… automated social media services outsource social interaction, Tinder replaces dating, AI helps you with your decision making, artificial personal assistants organize you…

Be a plumber! You can’t outsource plumbing. But other jobs will be done by robots or go offshore.”
Discussing VPAs (virtual personal assistants), like iPhone’s Siri, the panel concluded “Your choices are limiting you. Let the machines make the choices for you to save time and effort of having to make decisions.”
If that is the case, we better make sure that our VPAs know how to switch on our favourite radio station.
Jules Lund was the winner of the game show, with Paul Murray and Helen McCabe second.

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