Mel Greig tells more on 2GB

On the eve of her return to radio on the Illawarra’s WAVE FM Mel Greig took the airwaves on 2GB.

In a 10 minute interview with Natalie Peters and Michael Pachi Mel tells why she doesn’t talk to her then co-host Michael Christian anymore and where she stands now with the nurse Saldanha’s family as well as her experience on Celebrity Apprentice.

” I am far more than the Royal Prank DJ,” she told Peters and Pachi.

“We’d (Michael Christian) been working together for two days, we didn’t have that established friendship. We are connected through tragedy and he was supportive but we went down completely different paths…”

On nurse Saldanha’s family she said:

“I did what I could for the family when it happened, they know I’m an arm’s length away if they ever want to talk to me but I don’t think it’s appropriate to force them to communicate with me”.

You can listen to the full interview here.

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