Mel Greig tells Woman’s Day of her deep depression

In an exclusive interview with Woman’s Day, published this week, Mel Greig says she has been battling depression for the past two years.

Greig, who attended the nurse inquest in London to apologise to Jacintha Saldanha’s family and has remained in the UK to speak at an upcoming radio conference, says she could not  “laugh, get out of bed or even be held by her fiance.”

In the UK she has also told the BBC’s Newsnight that she was sent bullets in the mail and has been stalked and harassed for the past 18 months. See that interview below.

She told Woman’s Day her sights are now “firmly set on the future as she prepares to marry Steven Pollock.” She has also taken on a “personal mission to help others fight mental illness and change how the radio industry treats prank calls.”

“I will always feel partly responsible because my name was in someone’s suicide note… But I’m not going to let it define me,’’ she told Woman’s Day.

She says she always knew she was going to be at that inquest “and I always thought I needed to do something to help the Saldanha family. I looked at them and we had eye contact the whole time, which was a very surreal moment… to be looking them in the eye and to say sorry. I think that was the best way to do it because they could see that it was genuine.’’

Mel Greig says she now feels “at peace’’ that she’s done everything she can to help the Saldanha family, although she still finds it hard to leave the heartache behind.

Read the full article, which also includes wedding details, in Woman’s Day magazine, or click here.

For counselling help contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.


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