Meshel Laurie on Sonia Kruger: “I think what she said was horrible and ugly and harmful”

This afternoon on the KIIS 3PM Pick Up, Meshel Laurie and co-host Monty Dimond addressed Sonia Kruger’s comments on Today Extra this morning.
If comes off the back of Meshel, who last week spoke with Sonia and David on their program. Today she expressed her disappointment in Sonia.
“Like a lot of people I’m totally freaked out today by Sonia’s thoughts about Muslim immigration,” said Meshel.

“More than anything though, what I hear in Sonia and in a lot of people is just fear, I’m not going to condemn Sonia outright for what she said. I think what she said was horrible and ugly and harmful.”

“Initially when I heard it I was just furious and I wanted to hate on her. And then I realised, you know what, she is scared and a lot of people are scared, and how can we not be? Every time we turn on the TV there are terrifying things for us to see and ordinary people like us in terrifying situations.

“ISIS and these people don’t represent normal Muslims. When it comes to closing the borders I just feel like, Sonia, ‘should we close Australia’s borders to Australian men? Because they murder on average one woman a week’.”

“I know this is terrifying, but you just can’t let yourself get caught up in hysteria and fear.”

Hear the full segment and Meshel’s comments in the audio below.

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