Michael Daley tells Alan Jones that if elected he’ll sack him and the SCG Trust Board

Alan Jones and Michael Daley have had a heated discussion on the future of the SCG Trust Board on 2GB this morning with the NSW Opposition Leader saying he intends to “sack the board”.
Mr Daley told Jones, “If I’m elected, the board will go, I want a new broom through. I know you’ve been on that board for 30 years … but the board will go, it will be sacked”.
The Labor leader has continued to say that his party’s policy is, if they win the NSW election on March 23, it will not rebuild the stadium and will instead spend the money on health and education.
The Opposition Leader had joined Jones in the 2GB studio for the first time, with neither man taking a backwards step, and while Mr Daley was grilled over his promise not to rebuild Allianz Stadium, despite independent reports saying it isn’t safe, he claimed the SCG Trust isn’t telling the truth about the risks saying “That’s one of the reasons Alan why I’m going to sack the board.”

In a statement released after the interview the Labor Party said that, if elected, it would replace the unelected members of the SCG Trust Board and appoint a new board that will better reflect the diversity of the sports loving people of NSW.

The two board members who were elected by the SCG Members, Phil Waugh and David Gilbert would remain, as would former test cricketer Stuart MacGill.




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