Bree from River 94.9 pays it forward

Monday 4 March started out like any other day for River 94.9’s Promotions Coordinator, Bree Lenehan when she set off to do her usual Breakfast Show Live Crosses.
Bree was driving through Ipswich when she spotted a man sitting on the side of the road with a sign that read “Please help, I need work. I have no income. Live in my car. Have blood cancer. Thank you” so she decided to pull over to see what he was doing.

After she got to know Craig and his story, Bree wanted to see if she could help turn his luck around, so she posted on River 94.9’s Facebook page seeking help from their followers in the hope someone may be able to give Craig a job.
A lot of comments were received hoping someone could help Craig, and a few messages actually offered Craig work and in less than 6 hours, Bree was happy to let everyone know that someone, through Facebook, had offered Craig a lawn mowing job “…to start the next day”.
Marnie & Campo for Breakfast were touched by this ‘pay it forward’ story and wanted to have Craig on for a chat in their show where he told listeners has Lymphoma B blood cancer and has not long been back from Western Australia where his children live.
Craig was very excited to be approached for work saying that “…a man came and found him in Ipswich to offer him a job personally”.




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