Michael Smith alleges workplace bullying

According to court documents filed yesterday, Michael Smith alleges he was suspended for complaining about bullying. Lawyers for 2UE have rejected the allegation.

In a court submission Smith said he had been suspended and threatened with dismissal after complaining to Fairfax Media CEO Greg Hywood about what he called the “bullying” behaviour of Fairfax Radio’s  Graham Mott. The other reason alleged for his suspension is his expression of political opinions about Julia Gillard.

Smith’s barrister, told the court: “The application is that Mr Smith has been injured in his employment . . . because he expressed political opinions . . . and exercised a workplace right to make a complaint.”

Lawyers for Fairfax Radio rejected the allegations,  saying Smith’s suspension was because he had failed to follow directions from Mr Mott and posed a “real danger” to the station.

The claim that Smith is being discriminated against because of his political opinions is “fanciful” according to 2UE’s barrister.  2UE maintains that Smith had repeatedly expressed political opinions in the past “without any consequence whatsoever,” and that Graham Mott had not been motivated to suspend Smith because of the complaint to Mr Hywood.

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Michael Smith is seeking an injunction preventing him from being sacked by 2UE until after a full court hearing. The case will resume on November 11.