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Tampering with the great game of AFL and more importantly, the ground that is Adelaide Oval is one way to upset the locals.
This morning on Mix 102.3, Jodie & Soda revealed a study had been commissioned and plans now in place to remove Adelaide Oval’s historic heritage scoreboard, Moreton Bay figs and the iconic grass hill. They revealed the next stage of planning at Adelaide Oval would feature a new improved Northern Grandstand providing an extra 7,000 seats for sporting and entertainment events as well as boosting South Australia’s economy.

Callers flooded both Mix and the Adelaide Oval reception, venting their frustration and anger, and there were more than 600 comments on Facebook within the hour, slamming the proposed move – see the reaction here.
Jodie and Soda had some high profile friends in on the gag early who phoned up the station:
Minister for Tourism and Recreation and Sport, Leon Bignell“I guess it’s up to any government if someone comes to you with an idea I guess you’ve got to take a look at it. One of the criticisms we hear is that visiting teams can’t get tickets to come and see their teams play against the crows or port. As Tourism Minister it would be great to get some more people across the border to fill extra seats if we had those extra seats.”

Port Adelaide Chairman David Koch: “I’m absolutely shocked at this, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, I think that for once economic rationalism, the financial argument, has got to be overturned by the history, the culture… I can’t believe Leon and if goes way up to the Big Kahuna Jay Weatherill, both lifelong Port Adelaide supporters, wouldn’t realise that this goes against what we stand for. That hill is Port Adelaide, that is who we are, that’s the beating heart of Adelaide Oval. That’s what makes it different to a concrete, shallow stadium like the MCG. The hill says South Australia. Nope, over my dead body”.

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