mix94.5’s secret is out

mix94.5’s Secret Sound with Stockland Mall went off yesterday afternoon after Vanessa from Mandurah called it like she hears it, winning the entire $21,500 kitty instantly.
The secret sound, which had plagued mix94.5 listeners for two and a half weeks, has finally been revealed as the sound of dental floss being pulled through a dispenser.
Vanessa couldn’t believe her luck, claiming she has been trying all week to get through, adamant she knew the answer.
“I told everyone at work what it was but they all said no way,” she said.
Vanessa, who will be using the money on a girls trip to Bali or Thailand with her daughter, wanted to thank mix94.5 and Stockland for making her $21,500 richer.
Congratulations to the lucky mix94.5 listener who summed up the whole experience in just one word: “Awesome!”
Hear the secret sound reveal here

There’s another $28,500 to be won on mix94.5 as they share $50,000 around Perth.

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