Moon landing commentary

This weekend marks 45 years since the Apollo 11 launch.

Searching through his audio collection, Jason Morrison found this audio of a young Derryn Hinch reporting the launch from the Kennedy Space Centre in 1969. It was broadcast on 2GB and the Macquarie Network. Hear it below.

Morrison has told radioinfo:

The Hinch recording is brilliant. I wish younger reporters spent some time having a listen to people doing great things really well … that’s how I figured it out. Rob Kinney, Patrick Burns, Terry Galloway, Colin Tyrus, Stephen O’Doherty, Ian Ferguson were all people doing great work that made me aspire to be in the same league. 

Very very rarely do I hear anything in the class of this and it really upsets me that the news reporting and live event coverage craft is dying. Just this week, I heard a major station throw over to TV to cover the court case of Bayden Clay. Radio used to beat TV for live stuff. Very sad. We are being left behind on technology and ambition. Journalism degrees have a lot to answer for.


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