Moonman, not missing in action against Covid

Apology from Peter Saxon

Yesterday, I posted an article accusing Lawrence “Moonman” Mooney of “missing in action” in the war against Covid.
I was wrong.
Mooney had recently told his Triple M Breakfast listeners that his program would be a “Covid free zone” because “You’ve seen the news – we all know we’re in lockdown – and all the numbers blah de blah blah. And there’s a degree of fatigue about this stuff.”
Which is all on the record and all true. Except, as Triple M’s Content Director, Rex Morris, kindly pointed out, it was only for one day. 
In a text to me this morning he wrote, “Moon banning the “C-word” (Covid) from the show was only for one day. Triple M Sydney has also initiated pro-active messaging around vaccination in a number of ways.”
My apologies to Mr Mooney. On this occasion, I’m happy to have been wrong and pleased that he has since dropped the ban on the C-Word – as I had hoped he would.

May he, Jess Eva, Chris Page and the crew at Triple M continue to fight the good fight against this insidious disease until we’ve regained control of it and our lives.

Peter Saxon




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