The Morning Rush heads to the UK

‘Jon & Kate’s Excellent UK Adventure’.

This May, the ACE Radio Network breakfast program, The Morning Rush, is giving two listeners a guided holiday to see the ‘Real Britain’, including flights and accommodation.

Breakfast hosts Jon Vertigan and Kate Meade will also broadcast a week’s worth of shows from the UK while trying to get all the inside info on the royal wedding.

‘Jon and Kate’s Excellent UK Adventure’ will air across ACE stations 3YB, 3WM, 3SH, 3HA, 3CS, 3NE, 2QN and Gippsland’s GOLD.

ACE Radio’s CEO Mark Taylor is pleased to be bringing some international content to Morning Rush listeners.

“The broadcast will see Jon and Kate deliver content from London, Bath, Liverpool, and even Scotland. In a first for us, Jon and Kate will be drawing on all aspects of the company from on-air and creative, to digital and marketing departments, as well as the ACE Engineering team.”

Catering to ACE’s regional markets is still front and centre, as Taylor explained, “Alongside this innovation in broadcasting and content delivery, Jon and Kate’s Excellent UK Adventure will incorporate local sales strategies for each of the eight markets The Morning Rush delivers to.

“In this sense, no stone has been left unturned to maintain the standard we offer our audiences, delivering smooth integration and quality content on what will be the biggest undertaking from the Morning Rush breakfast show to date.”

ACE Radio Broadcasters presents JON & KATE’S EXCELLENT UK ADVENTURE, an ACE Radio broadcast from the UK from the 7 – 11th of May, 2018 

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