Morrow apologises for racist joke

David Morrow was suspended from his commentary job on ABC Radio last weekend, after racist comments overheard by a live mic in pre-match banter with his sideline commentator. He has now apologised for the comments.

Morrow was parodying a policeman from the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta who said in a security warning: “Dats da only way you can tell when there’s anyone there, it’s when dey smile.”

“I am extremely distressed that my remarks, which were accidentally heard on air, have been reported and misinterpreted as racist against indigenous Australians and possibly offensive to Darwin citizens.

“I know it is no excuse but I clearly didn’t know we were on air… At no time did I set out to offend anyone,” said Morrow in a statement of apology.

“ABC Radio takes the issue of discrimination and prejudice extremely seriously,” said ABC Grandstand Sport manager Craig Norenbergs.

It is not known whether ABC Radio will lift Morrow’s suspension now that he has apologised.