My Mum Says My Memoir is A Lie

Author, screenwriter and “sort-of comedian/actor” Rosie Waterland will partner with SCA‘s PodcastOne to launch the podcast Mum Says My Memoir is A Lie, now available exclusively on and via PodcastOne app.
Over more than 22 episodes, Rosie talks to her mum about her 2015 raw and beautiful award winning memoir. 

In The Anti-Cool Kid, Rosie introduces readers to growing up and becoming an adult with mentally ill, drug and alcohol addicted parents moving from child protection, foster care, caravans and couches.
It’s now 2017, Rosie’s Mum Lisa is now sober and she’s read the book.  And she wants to correct the record about some of the things she thinks Rosie has got wrong in her book: did Lisa push a broken-down van running away from drug dealers when she was heavily pregnant with Rosie and were her clients truckies or guests of the Intercontinental?
Announcing the podcast, Grant Tothill SCA’s Head of Podcasting said, “This podcast is a hilarious, sad, honest and an intimate story about a daughter and her mother and the strength of their relationship.
“It is unlike anything you have ever heard before.   The close-up long form nature of podcasting, gives us the opportunity to eavesdrop on their conversation and travel with them as they progressively work through the book and their relationship.”

Rosie said, “Since the book came out, the one question I always get is “Has your mum read the book?”  Mum Says My Memoir Is A Lie gives me and my listeners the opportunity to find out what she really thinks about it and where I’ve gone wrong.  And I get to learn more about my life and fill in some gaps.” 

Listen to Mum Says My Memoir is A Lie here.

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