Myf and Zan are Bang On

Starting today, you can listen to Myf Warhurst and Zan Rowe BANG ON about music, art, life and stuff every Friday in a brand new Double J podcast.

Each week, Myf and Zan will share their experiences, anecdotes and opinions as they catch up about the biggest conversations of the week.

Using music as a base, BANG ON showcases “Myf and Zan’s intelligent, relatable, funny and at times off-beat perspectives”.

Taking their conversations to the broader issues of life; such as trends and taste, authenticity, technology, risk taking, race and gender diversity.

“BANG ON is just Zan and me hanging out and talking candidly about what’s happened each week,” Myf  says. “We’ve been mates for ages, the podcast is all the things we’ve been talking about for the last fifteen years: music, art, life and stuff… It just came so naturally.”

Zan adds “It doesn’t matter what we’re chatting about, Myf always comes up with stories I have never heard. I’ve known her so long and she still constantly surprises me! I’m excited and slightly nervous to let everyone eavesdrop on these wild tales.”

So take a step off air and go behind the scenes with Myf and Zan, listen to Episode One now and subscribe via Double J,iTunes, or wherever you get your favourite podcasts.


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