Never too old to go with digital radio

A couple of weeks ago, Queenie Pierce rang into 3AW’s Nightline show.
Queenie, bless her, is 97 years old and has recently had to move to a retirement village.

She’s been a listener to 3AW from the outset and has been a talkback caller pretty much since 3AW adopted a talkback format. 
Whilst chatting to presenters Philip Brady and Simon Owens, one evening, Queenie complained that she couldn’t pick up 3AW very well in her room in the village.
Operations Director, Stephen Beers, (left) aware of Queenie’s history with 3AW and her love for the station, decided to come to her rescue and hand-deliver a brand new digital radio to her.  
However, him being head honcho at 3AW, something “came up” (as it invariably does) which meant he was not able to get out there.
Instead he asked Phil and Simon to drop the radio off which they did.
Simon told radioinfo, “3AW has such a family feel to it that the big boss personally wanted to fix a problem for our most loyal and devoted listener.”  


Below: Simon and Phil



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