New ABC podcast gives listeners insight into possible US collusion with Russia

‘Russia, if you’re listening.’

A new ABC podcast – Russia, if you’re listening’ delves into the Mueller investigation, offering non-US listeners context for the possible collusion between Russia and Donald Trump’s election campaign. 

RN Breakfast’s Matt Bevan will present the new podcast, and describes how the endless stream of information relating to the Trump/Russia scandal led to its creation:

‘I have been following the Trump saga every day since it began. I have written about 200,000 words about him. I have listened to thousands of podcast episodes about him. 

‘And I’ve stored all of the twists and turns in my head without the use of a big cork board with thumbtacks, red string, maps, pictures and scrawled notes. But a few of weeks ago my brain filled up.

‘For people whose job isn’t this, I imagine it’s even harder to follow this massive story.’

Each Monday, Bevan will explain in easily digestible episodes what he’s learned, sifting through the avalanche of news and presenting the story of a character involved in the investigation – ​from Russian President Vladimir Putin, to former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, to sacked FBI boss James Comey.

Find ‘Russia, if you’re listening’  via the ABC Listen App, and on Apple Podcasts.

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