New co-host for Tom on JOY 94.9 breakfast

When the radio gods close a door, somewhere they open a window, in this case it’s Jess Window, the JOY 94.9 daytime music presenter, actor and mum is joining former Gogglebox-er Tom Walsh for JOY’s Thursday breakfast show.
Tom’s current co-host Mikey D announced last week that he would be setting sail, having been offered a contract as a DJ and entertainer with major cruise line that morning, a move the team knew was coming, but didn’t expect so soon.
On his departure, Mikey said: “It’s really bittersweet to be leaving the Tom & Mikey team. They’ve treated me with nothing but respect and love, and not once did I ever feel like a 20-year-old on the show. They held me and my ideas in the highest regard.”
Jess has leant her voice to the latter part of the breakfast show for months, joining the team’s favourite Watercooler Chats segment that closes every show, pitting Tom’s sharp tongue against the week’s weirdest gossip stories.
Jess has bittersweet feelings about the changes: “I’m going to miss waking up to Tom & Mikey as a duo myself… however I’m stoked to be able to give filling Mikey’s very clean white tennis shoes a go!  He’s taught me a lot, and I’m very grateful.  
“As for working with Tom, well, who wouldn’t want to work with one of the most unpredictable minds around, who just happens to be hilarious, well-lived, and at his core, a real sweetheart! I simply adore Tom, and that might be my only worry about the show; that we may get on too well, but we’ll see!”