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The latest GfK metropolitan survey results are now available here.

As always, there’ll be many questions answered and even more to be asked.
Can 96fm in Perth maintain its remarkable momentum which has seen a 5.0 gain over the last two surveys and knock Nova 93.7 off its number one perch?
Will Melbourne’s FOXFM make a comeback and wrest its number one FM spot back from GOLD104.3?
Can 2DayFM regain former glory just by playing the HITs at Breakfast time in Sydney?
Will the Macquarie network present its new owner, Nine, with ratings joy and will the ABC climb back up the ladder in the major markets.
Join us this morning at 9:30 when we reveal and analyse the numbers of Survey 7 – including the results for DAB+ stations, all the cumes, the trend charts for each market and the spin from the PR departments.