New podcast to help find Australia’s most wanted fugitive

Investigative journalist, and PodcastOne True Crime Editor at Large, Adam Shand is investigating the disappearance Jonathan Dick in his brand-new podcast, Understate: In Plain Sight. 
On 3 February 2017, 36-year old David Dick was brutally murdered with a samurai sword in a Melbourne shopping centre carpark and his elder brother, Jonathan Dick, known as Jono, is the only suspect, however he has disappeared without a trace, evading police. 
Shand says, “This is a live investigation and the police are calling for the help of the public. Jono has managed to evade police for two and a half years, either using the skills of a survivalist or the help of someone else. It’s very difficult for people with money and resources to disappear and Jono had neither when he disappeared. Someone knows someone who knows something.”
Over four episodes, Shand investigates the unsolved murder, uncovering new, never-beforeheard evidence, while delving deep into the world of the alleged killer, Jonathan “Jono” Dick. 




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