Where there’s a Will and a Woody there’s a quickie wedding

KIIS-FM’s National Drive hosts Will & Woody certainly know how to take on a challenge.

They were discussing news about Cara Delevingne marrying her girlfriend within eight minutes in a Vegas wedding.
So, Will challenged Woody, who is a registered marriage celebrant, to see if he could go even better and organise a wedding by the end of the show with a ceremony that only takes five minutes. 
They put the call out to their listeners and Taya called though – she was ready to get married now!
Taya explained she her partner Tommy have been together for eight years, engaged for five of those years, they also have a two-year-old son and have another child on the way. 
So, within minutes the wedding was on! Taya phoned Tommy – who was still at work, and doesn’t actually finish work until 9pm – and he took his break to meet Taya in a friend’s backyard to be married on the phone by Woody.

The whole ceremony took just five minutes including the opening speech, vows, a special poem from Will and they even played a snippet of the couple’s chosen wedding song. 
They do still need to lodge the official paperwork, but thanks to Will & Woody happy couple Taya and Tommy have had enjoyed their wedding ceremony.

Below, the happy couple…




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