The New Sales Reality: Stephen Pead

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I often get to work with exceptional sales people in local and overseas markets across a variety of B2B product and services industries. In doing this I feel privileged in observing their skills particularly during a face to face selling conversation.

It seems to me that the top performers have already embraced the new sales reality; old, tired practices have been left behind but not the core principles. They still use these proven concepts with a modern twist.

Here’s what I have learnt from the best:

  • –  Before you can sell anything to anybody they have to “buy” you – like or trust you in other words. Until that happens, nothing happens!

  • –  The internet allows customers and potential customers to do all the research they need. They are now very well informed. Recently American author, professional speaker, and business trainer Jeffrey Gitomer said “the internet provides them (customers) with competitive savvy and social media provides the proof”

  • –  Business people are busy (aren’t we all?). They can’t or won’t give you time unless you offer them some kind of demonstrable value. And a low price or a deal is NOT what the best of the best talk about. They talk about partnerships, building relationships and solving problems.

  • –  The face to face meeting has to be focussed on the customer, their needs, their business challenges – not a pitch. Your product or service is simply a tool to help solve these issues. The key point: How can you help them (the customer) to win?

  • –  Ideas are king. Telling prospects about what you do isn’t what the smart sales person does today. She comes up with ideas and ideas make sales.

  • –  Your social media and online presence is vital if you intend to be successful. Most prospects will Google you or have a look at your LinkedIn profile before the meeting. What does yours say about you? Have you posted a blog lately that reflects well on you and your company? Will your name even come up on a Google search?

    Yes, we all need to prospect and make appointments, hit targets, handle questions and objections – it’s the way that we do it that really counts.

    That’s the new sales reality!

    About the author 

    Stephen Pead is a media industry veteran of 30 years with significant experience in sales, sales management and general management. He is based in Sydney and specialises in providing SME marketing solutions and training for salespeople and sales managers.
    He can be contacted at [email protected] 

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