A new use for your old TV set top box: Better reception for ABC Radio

Radio on TV…. without the actual TV

ABC Radio this year began to transmit its radio signals on television, in line with its philosophy of using as many available platforms as possible to reach its audience.

It is a strategy that has worked well for the BBC over the years, where listening to the radio on television delivers about 5% of audience.

Initial reports are that it is also working here in Australia, with small but growing numbers of people reporting listening to ABC radio on their tv set.

One of the ABC’s technical staff, who apparently doesn’t throw away old equipment, has found a good use for his old tv set top box to improve his radio reception.

He lives in the south of Sydney, and doesn’t enjoy great reception on either AM or DAB+. 

He hooked up his old digital TV set-top box to his home stereo, with the result…

Radio on TV without the actual TV!!! 

It took me five minutes to set up.

Thanks to James O’Brien who shared this info with us and with others on his social media, saying: “I thought I’d pass on this awesome idea.”




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