NewsRadio is 25 years old

NewsRadio has reached a quarter of a century on-air, having first broadcast on August 15th 1994.
The first voice heard was Russell Powell, currently the CEO of Anglican Media Sydney, when NewsRadio began broadcasting with a handful of frequencies and a team of news professionals intent on delivering Australia’s first continuous news network.

radioinfo spoke to Russell on the 10th anniversary of NewsRadio who said, “We have adopted the phrase ‘the news never stops’ as a slogan that describes what we do so well.”

“We have had phenomenal growth in the ten years since this network started, but the format can’t remain static, it has to keep evolving. The ability to include live Q & As with reporters as they are breaking or packaging stories is a new element that we have now added.”

Part of the evolvement in recent years has been a determined effort to add quality podcasts to the service, an extensive audio-on-demand library and a gaining a bigger presence on social media platforms.

Now in its 25th year NewsRadio it is heard on than 80 radio frequencies, attracting nearly 1,000,000 weekly listeners and is still Australia’s only national, continuous news network, and prides itself on delivering factual, independent and opinion-free coverage of news.

Earlier this week, ABC Chair Ita Buttrose visited the station to mark the 25th anniversary.




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