Nova 106.9 presenters learn to shake their moneymaker

Nova 106.9’s Ash, Kip & Luttsy challenged their female colleagues to learn to twerk after the boys learnt to hip-hop and performed in front of thousands.
Breakfast co-host Susie O’Neill, Mornings announcer Katie Mattin, Nova newsreader Ange Anderson, and Breakfast sport newsreader Mitch Lewis’s Mum – Jacqui Lewis, aka “The Queen” (because she is married to “King” Wally Lewis), accepted the challenge and took themselves off to twerking school.
Luttsy convinced them to showcase their new skills in a video and took on the role and responsibility of the director.
Following professional advice tweeted to Luttsy from Thor Director Taika Waititi, Luttsy’s directorial debut is now live.
Featuring an alarming amount of oil, Susie O’Neill’s “sexy face”, and a celebrity cameo by an NRL legend, “Motherflippin’ twerk” could just blow up the internet.


*Twerking is defined by the Urban Dictionary as the art of moving/shaking one’s money maker in a circular motion.

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