Perth’s 96FM delivers on a Million Dollar Kick

Perth 96FM’s Million Dollar Kick has wrapped up – with one ultimate AFL fan given the chance to kick for goal to pocket one million dollars.
It was the culmination of a multi-platformed five-month campaign across print, TV, radio and social streams which saw Samantha Cullen of Kenwick given the opportunity to line up 20 metres from goal, and kick for the cash.
The partnership between 96FM, Channel 7, The West Australian and the West Coast Eagles is already confirmed to continue into 2017.
This week during the West Coast Eagles open training session at Domain Stadium, Samantha faced more than 300 fans and the entire West Coast Eagles team as she lined up. Despite her best aim, she ultimately just missed the big sticks, but her efforts scored her $10,000. 
Hosted by 96FMs Carmen & Fitzi and joined by Eagles defender Will Schofield, the big kick took place after a round robin handball elimination challenge – leaving just one winner to take their aim at a kick to net them the cash.
Samantha secured her spot by registering a code word which had appeared on the big screen during West Coast Eagles home games this 2016 Premiership season, and simultaneously LIVE on the Channel 7 broadcast. By listening to 96FMs Carmen & Fitzi, Samantha won her spot to take part in the 96FM Million Dollar Kick, with just 11 finalists making it through.
ARN Commercial Director for Perth, Rick Dalton said the innovative campaign partnership was indicative of the strength of the media partners involved.

“The 96FM Million Dollar Kick 2016 was a resounding first to market media owner led success. 

“Between Channel 7, The West Australian, West Coast Eagles and 96FM, we delivered a million dollar multi-platformed campaign, giving one lucky fan the chance to kick for one million dollars.

“Although unfortunately the kick missed, our ambition is to build on our promotion and within the next  5 years give away the cash.”



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