Nova 96.9’s Sarah McGilvray & fiancé James Couche tie the knot at a surprise wedding

On Saturday Fitzy & Wippa co-host Sarah McGilvray & partner James (called “Garry” on air) were joined by their closest friends and family for what they thought was their Engagement party.
Unbeknownst to guests, the event was actually a secret wedding, highlighted when James younger brother, Johnathon, announced to a shocked crowd, “I’m going to let the cat out of the bag, a wedding happened today…
“Without further ado, let us welcome for the first time as husband and wife, Sarah and James”

Highlights of the day include:

  • Fitzy was late, arrived in jeans and was mortified to find out the ‘engagement party’  was actually a wedding
  • Sarah wore a stunning Rachel Gilbert dress, Fitzy received a text from Rachel Gilbert telling Sarah she looked beautiful
  • Wippa talked about how he introduced the two lovebirds at the races, Sarah says she knew from that moment she would marry him
  • James made a hilarious slip of the tongue in his wedding speech “I was attracted to Sarah because of her core values, values of selfishness” – he meant selflessness.

James only popped the question in June, at a lunch in Rockpool Melbourne after Sarah was stitched up by Wippa into thinking the lunch was a work-do with her, Tom Ivey & himself and was surprised to see a table for 2 with James.

She says she struggled to keep the secret under wraps “I’ve had a few accidental slip ups, it’s been hard to keep it up a secret. So many people have been suspicious!”.
James and Sarah have 2 children, William 2, and Thomas (born in April).




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