Nova Breaches Two in a Row Pledge

Sydney’s Nova 96.9 has broken its promise of ‘no more than two in a row’, winning its third straight survey of 2004 with an 11.4% audience share.

Of course, Nova’s ‘two in a row’ pledge relates to commercials – and has nothing to do with topping the ratings in the fiercely competitive Sydney market.

General Manager, Mandi Wicks, is delighted with the ‘cumes’, saying 940 000 listeners tried Nova during April, 21 000 more than Survey #2: “Holidays work well for us. April was littered with Anzac Day, Easter and school holidays and we seem to go okay when most of our staff are away.”

Nova is also claiming top results across the board, with Merrick & Rosso the leading FM breakfast show (11.5%), and outright wins to Bianca Dye’s morning program (11.7%), Andy G afternoons (13.5%) and Rabbit drive (12.6%).

Across the demographics, Nova is also outright leader in the 10-17 (26.1%), 18-24 (31.7%), 25-39 (19.1%) and All under 40 (23.1%) age groups.