Survey 3 results released

Capital city ratings results have been released with Nova winning Sydney, 3AW on top in Melbourne, 973 catching up on B105 in Brisbane, SAFM being chased by 5AA in Adelaide and 94.5 on top in Perth.

The survey, conducted for Commercial Radio Australia, covered the period February 1 to March 20 and March 28 to May 1, 2004.

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In Sydney Nova has won again, with 2GB in second place. 2UE and 2DAY are down, Triple M is up.

Nova won all three young demographics 10-39, with 2Day and Triple M close behind. WSFM won the 40-54 demographic, with ARN stablemate Mix and ABC702 a little behind. 2GB won the 55+ demo, ahead of 2CH, ABC 702 and 2UE.

2GB’s Alan Jones won breakfast with a 13.3 share, with ABC702 and Nova close behind and 2UE’s Mike Carlton dropping slightly. Nova’s Bianca Dye won mornings from 2GB with 2UE’s John Laws dropping by 1.2 share points in that timeslot.

Afternoons and Drive were won by Nova while nights was won by 2GB ahead of 2DAY. 2GB’s weekend sport coverage gave it a strong increase on weekends, making the station the number one on weekends.

In Melbourne 3AW retained top spot, with Fox second and ABC774 third. There was not much significant movement from last survey in the Melbourne market.

FOX FM won 10-17s ahead of Nova, while Nova won the 18-24 demo ahead of Fox and Triple M. 25-39s was won by FOX ahead of Triple M, Nova and Mix 101.1 while GOLD won 40-54s. 3AW won the 55+ demo ahead of ABC774.

Breakfast was won by 3AW ahead of ABC774, and 3AW’s Neill Mitchell won mornings.

Afternoons was won by FOX, closely followed by GOLD and 3AW. Drive was a close tussle between 3AW, just ahead of FOX, while nights was won by FOX, followed by 3AW and ABC774. 3AW won weekends.

In Brisbane B105 dropped a little but retained top spot, with 97.3 continuing to catch up. 4KQ and Classic FM had small rises.

B105 dominated the 10-24 demographics, but in a sign of changes in the market, B105 loosened its hold on 25-39’s, which was closely contested by B105, 97.3 and Triple M. 4KQ and 97.3 were leaders in the 40-54 demo, with 4BC winning 55+ ahead of ABC612 and 4KQ.

Breakfast was won by B105 ahead of 4BC and 97.3. B105 won all other shift timeslots, and there were good performances from Triple M and 97.3.

In Adelaide SAFM dropped but retained top spot in the soon to be shaken up Adelaide market. 5AA and Triple J increased significantly, while most other stations dropped.

SAFM dominated 10-17s, but Triple M won 18-24s. SAFM won the 25-39 demographic ahead of Triple M, while Mix 102.3 won 40-54s. 5AA won the 55+ demographic ahead of ABC891.

SAFM won breakfast, morning and afternoons, while 5AA won drive and evenings. Weekends was won by SAFM ahead of 5AA ahead of MIX 102.3 and ABC891.

In Perth 94.5 dropped but remains on top. Also falling were Nova and ABC720, while 96FM and 92.9 both rose.

In a survey which shared the winnings around, 92.9 won 10-17s, while Nova won 18-24s and 96FM won 25-39s. 94.5 won 40-54s and ABC720 was ahead with 55+.

94.5 won breakfast ahead of ABC720 and 92.9. 94.5 won all weekday shifts and weekends.



Austereo Chief Executive Officer Michael Anderson has welcomed the national group’s solid results in Survey 3 and congratulated Sydney’s Triple M team for its strong bounce back.

“We have seen strong results right around the country and across both networks. 2Day in Sydney is not where we want it to be, but it only makes us more determined.

“The improvement in Triple M in Sydney shows just what is possible. We have dug deep and recognised what this station is all about. We are really happy with our station by station performance which is in line with our expectations.

“Station by station we are seeing returns for all the hard work put in by
the on and off-air talent in the group. Everyone knows we are going to work hard to deliver for our listeners.”

The industry and media has been full of speculation about the
impact of further competition on Austereo, but Anderson says “listeners know already.”

“Every station is responding with new shows right around the country, great on air talent and great competitions. It’s all about ensuring the Austereo networks get it right, day in day out.

“We enjoy leadership positions in almost every market. Each station is responding to the new environment and getting ready for even more change.

Austereo Chairman Peter Harvie believes this survey’s national result suggests Austereo is “well prepared for what will be a very competitive new year with the new FM licences.”

Austereo ratings highlights include:


2Day – 2.8 percentage point growth in the 18 to 24 age group.
Hot 30 Countdown with Lab Rat and Alexis the number one show in its evening timeslot.

Triple M – The largest increase for any Sydney station, up 1.1 percentage points.
The Cage up 1.6 percentage points.
Mick Molloy up 1.2 percentage points.
The Shebang up 1.2 percentage points.


Fox FM – Number one FM station in all shifts.
Increase of 0.5 percentage points with 25 to 39 age group to total share of 18.3 per cent.
Still Melbourne’s most popular station with a cumulative audience of 1,054,000, a lead of more than 189,000 over its nearest rival.

Triple M – Melbourne’s most popular football commentary team.
Friday nights 12.7 per cent audience share, Saturdays 13.6 per cent and Saturday nights with 13.9 per cent.
Sunday football only 0.1 per cent behind nearest rival.


B105 – Morning Crew’s best result in 18 months with a 0.7 percentage point increase to 20.3 per cent.
Number one in all shows, breakfast, mornings, afternoons, drive and evenings.
Hot 30 Countdown with Lab Rat and Alexis in evenings recording a 22.5 per cent share.

Triple M – Al Dobie in afternoons recording a 1.6 percentage point increase to 17 per cent.
Total audience share of 12.8 per cent
Audience share of the 25 to 39 age group of 22.7 per cent.


SA.FM – Adelaide’s top station for the 41st survey in a row. Triple M – Number one choice of Adelaide’s youth with a 28 per cent share of the 18 to 24 age group.


Mix 94.5 – Still Perth’s favourite station with a 19.5 per cent audience share.
Number one in every timeslot.
Number one station in the 25 to 54 age group.

92.9 – Breakfast up 1.8 percentage points to 12.4 per cent
Number one station for the 10 to 17 age group
Up 2.5 per cent in the 25 to 39 age group.


MIX radio stations in the key markets of Sydney, Melbourne and
Brisbane have recorded substantial audience growth in the third radio audience survey for 2004,
building on the Australian Radio Network’s strength in the 25 to 54 year-old demographic.

In Sydney, the Australian Radio Network stations Mix 106.5 and WSFM are now the market
leaders in this commercially important demographic group.

Overall, Sydney’s MIX 106.5 experienced its third consecutive month of growth rising a further 0.3
percentage points to take its share of the Sydney market to 8.1.

The MIX breakfast team in Sydney, Sammy and Jason, have now become the second highest
rating FM breakfast show, ahead of MMM and equal with 2DAY FM. The Mix Morning Show also
increased share to 8.2 per cent.

In Melbourne, Mix 101.1 also performed well, maintaining growth with a 0.5 percentage points
increase, resulting in an additional 18,000 listeners. Its Breakfast show grew 1.0 point to a 5.5

In Brisbane, MIX station 97.3 FM increased its share of the audience by 0.9 percentage points,
retaining its spot as the number two station in the market.

With the Classic Hits music stream, Sydney’s WSFM recorded an increase in its overall audience
by 0.3 percentage points, attracting an additional 50,000 listeners to the station.

The station strengthened further among listeners aged 40 to 54, with a 2.6 percentage point rise,
taking its total share of this segment to 15.5.

GOLD 104 in Melbourne maintained its number two position in the market, while in Adelaide 5DN
increased its audience share by 0.2 points.

APN Chief Executive Brendan Hopkins, says the continuing growth in
audience for the MIX stations is “further confirmation of the successful repositioning of the
Australian Radio Network… the combination of MIX and Classic Hits had given ARN a solid base in the most
commercially important demographic group – those aged between 25 and 54.”

“ARN is obsessed with this demographic and we make no apologies for that – 71 cents out of
every dollar spent in Australia on consumer goods is spent by consumers who fall into this key

“The fact that we are now the number one network in this demographic in Sydney, ahead of
Austereo, is an indication of how serious we are about owning 25 to 54.

“We are particularly pleased with the results achieved by MIX in they key markets of Sydney,
Melbourne and Brisbane, given the tough competition from other broadcasters, some of which
have spent big money promoting their products.”

MIX Network Program Director Sam Zniber told radioinfo:

”I am proud to congratulate Sydney’s MIX106.5 team for the amazing work and results

“From 7.8% to 8.1% share all people 10+ MIX106.5 has showed superior strength. In December 2002 MIX106.5 rated overall 6.1% share all people 10+ and has been progressing since.

”MIX106.5 is up in Share, Cume and Time Spent listening. TSL from 7.29 to 7.41 and Cume from 793 000 to 814 000 weekly listeners.

”Sammy and Jason in the morning has had 6 consecutive rises since survey#6 2003 from 4.4, 5.3, 6.0, 6.2, 6.4 and now 7.5% Share 10+. Sammy and Jason in the morning are now NUMBER ONE Female 25-54 and also 25-44 and 40-54.

”All people 25-44 remain strong with the cume of 374 000 listeners weekly and a share of 12%. The highlight is Female 25-44 with MIX106.5 being outright NUMBER ONE in Share with 19.8% 5.6% above the nearest competitor. NUMBER ONE in Time Spent listening with 10.25, and NUMBER ONE in cume with 222 000 weekly listeners.”


Consistently strong figures for 702 ABC Sydney in the third radio ratings survey for 2004 have topped off a very successful week for the station.

Breakfast presenter Angela Catterns returns to Number 2 position for share of the Sydney market and continues to have the most listeners of any talk radio station during the Sydney Breakfast shift.

Drive presenter Richard Glover also remains consistent, retaining his Number 1 position for share of the talk market for the seventh consecutive survey. This equals his previous record going back to data available since 1996. Richard is also reaching more listeners than any other talk station in the market.

Evenings presenter James O’Loghlin has also risen to Number 1 position in the Sydney talk market based on audience share between 7pm and 10pm.

“Survey 3 is a good consistent result across the board for 702 and it caps off a great week for the station,” says Station Manager Roger Summerill.

“At last week’s ABC Local Radio Awards the station was awarded: Station of the Year, Broadcaster of the Year (Richard Glover), Program of the Year (BREAKFAST with Angela Catterns), Community Event of the Year (the 702 ABC Sydney KNIT IN) and Outside Broadcast of the Year (Four Sydneys in One Day). We are very pleased with the consistent performance of our station and are delighted that we are reaching more people than any other talk station in the market.”


2UE General Manager, Bob Miller commented on the fall in the John Laws program, saying: “Maybe because there is so much drama in the world, people are cocooning, focusing on their own backyard, and that’s giving Ray Hadley, who does a very local program, a decided advantage.”


2GB General Manager, Louise Barrett, says 2GB’s strong performance is a clear indication Sydney listeners support 2GB’s on air line up, and appreciate quality debate.

“Alan Jones and Ray Hadley have performed outstandingly and we are delighted we have trounced our opposition to continue to dominate in talk in these key programs. This excellent result is recognition of all the effort and talent of the people who work here.”

Alan Jones says: “I have been attacked from every side during this survey and I am gratified that my listeners have recognised this personal vendetta for what it is.”

NOVA 100

All those aged under 40 got a bit of a rise from Nova 100 according to the latest survey.

“The biggest rise came from the 18 to 24 demographic who have clearly ranked Nova as their favourite Melbourne radio station,” says General Manager, Fiona Cameron.

“Nova scored the biggest rise of any station in Melbourne and every shift has significantly increased which also gives the team a bit of a rise.”

SEN 1116

SEN 1116’s Managing Director, Danny Staffieri, says today’s results are “extremely satisfying.”

“SEN has captured a 3 share in just three surveys and increases across BMAD sessions have been strong. I am delighted to see SEN’s target market of males 25 to 54 continues to grow – from 3.6 in survey #1, this target market has now grown to 5.3.

“Even more pleasing is the amazing response from males 25 to 39. Our breakfast team has captured 8.1% of this target demographic, which places Morning Glory in fourth place after MMM, Fox and Nova. Overall, it is an outstanding result for all our on-air presenters and the dedicated team behind the scene.”

Highlights of survey #3 include:

Morning Glory All people 10+ is 4.2

Hungry for Sport All people 10+ is 3.4

Afternoons with Francis Leach All people 10+ is 2.9

The Run Home All people 10+ is 3.2

The Night Watchmen All people 10+ is 1.9

TSL (Time spent listening) is 10.56 and Cume is 200,000.

SEN1116 continues its commitment to sport with live coverage of the Australia v Turkey soccer games on Friday 21 May from Aussie Stadium and Monday 24 May from Telstra Dome. Francis Leach and Michael Zappone will call both games live on SEN1116.


Milly and Lehmo have dominated today’s radio ratings with a total
audience share of 20.7 per cent – 6.3 percentage points above their nearest

Adelaide’s favourite breakfast team increased their ratings once again by 0.3

percentage points to lead SAFM to another ratings win. Other survey highlights include: SAFM number one with a 20.1 per cent total audience share; SAFM the favourite choice for the 25-39 age group, 7 percentage points ahead of its nearest rival and SAFM the number one station with the 25-54 age group.

Austereo Adelaide Programme Director Craig Bruce says: “Our audience really

appreciates Milly and Lehmo’s uniquely Adelaide slant on breakfast radio. And with Rove, Kyle and Jackie O and the Hot 30 Countdown, SAFM is Adelaide’s direct link to all their favourite stars.”

Triple M’s “Totally Different” format is “the number one choice of Adelaide’s youth” with a 28 per cent share of the crucial 18-24 age group this survey.”

Local favourite James Brayshaw and The Cage team continued to perform well in breakfast with an 8.9 per cent audience share.

Ratings highlights include: Triple M the number one choice for the 18-24 age group; 7,000 new listeners, up from 245,000 to 252,000; 5,000 new 18-24 listeners.

Craig Bruce says: “Given the massive changes undertaken last year, Triple M’s results are an absolute endorsement of the direction we’ve taken… we’re confident that Triple M is well positioned for any challenges.”


FIVEaa has recorded its “best ever Survey #3 result since it converted to a
News/Sport format in 1996,” with an increase in share in all shifts and a 10+ rise of 1.5% taking the station to a 16.8% share.

With the football season heating up, FIVEaa’s Sports Show KG & Cornesy “has
leapt to number one in the market with 19.4% share and FIVEaa’s calls of AFL football are number one in all weekend timeslots.”

Breakfast with Pilko, Keith and Blakey has jumped 1.8% to record a 19.2% share
and Leon Byner’s return to the airwaves has been “embraced by listeners with a 1.5%
increase in share to 15.1%.

FIVEaa’s Bob Francis retains his overall dominance of Adelaide’s nighttime
radio audience “recording an impressive 26% 10+ between 8pm and midnight.”

General Manager Paul Bartlett says: “We are really pleased with
Today’s result – it’s great when the efforts of the entire team are rewarded with this survey result cementing FIVEaa’s position as the highest rating commercial talk radio station in Australia.”


4BC’s Breakfast team of John Miller and Ross Davie has climbed into Number 2 on the
Brisbane Breakfast Morning Radio pecking order with “another strong showing in
this Survey.”

John and Ross edged up a further 0.4% to 11.7%, to be equal second along side FM rival 97.3 in the crucial 5.30-9am time slot.

4BC program director, Greg Cary says: “the duo are consistently finding the right balance between serious and light content.

“One day they will have the Prime Minister or the Premier in the studio, the
next it will just be good clean fun.

“This variety is clearly appealing to an increasingly broad audience.”

Cary says from feedback the station has received, listeners are also enjoying
Mark Oberhardt’s “Scoop” segment, which goes to air straight after the 7 o’clock
news each morning.

Nova 93.7

According to the latest survey, NOVA 93.7’s share of audience over the age of 60 is now ZERO!

This has come as a bit of a surprise to NOVA 93.7.

“While we expected to be slightly down this survey, we didn’t expect to knock ‘em dead!” says Nova.

On the upside, NOVA 93.7 continues to be Perth’s favourite station for 18-24 year olds.

The survey year so far has been an interesting one for NOVA 93.7 …it’s been a case of two steps forward, one step back.

“However, across the three surveys so far this year, NOVA 93.7 has dominated 18 –24 year olds, with an average share of 30.2% and has been Perth’s leading station with 18 –34 year olds, with an average share of 20.6%.

“Now, to take another step forward, all we have to do is stop knocking dead all of those 60 year olds!”