Nova gives a buck

Nova’s Meshel, Tim & Marty are throwing Karma Keg parties around the country, beginning today.

Meshel, Tim & Marty’s Karma Keg tour kicks off at Bungalow 8, Sydney’s harbour-side destination, tonight from 6.30pm. All the money raised from Sydney’s Karma Keg party will go to I Give A Buck Foundation of Australia.

The concept for Karma Keg is simple. Meshel, Tim & Marty will host an event at a designated pub in each state, enlist a brewery or beer supplier to provide kegs and invite listeners to join them.

A keg is opened and instead of the bar staff charging for a beer, guests make a donation for each glass they drink. Guests keep giving and drinking until the keg runs out, with 100% of the money raised going to a local charity in each state.

“When we heard about Karma Kegs we knew it was perfect for us to support because I love charity almost as much as Tim and Marty love beer”, says Meshel Laurie.

I Give A Buck’s aim is to assist with the care of ill and disabled children and their families.

Nova’s Meshel, Tim & Marty will take their Karma Keg party to a pub in Brisbane in late October followed by locations in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

In Melbourne all funds raised from Karma Keg will go to the Father Bob Macguire Foundation with local charities in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth to be announced shortly.

Karma Keg premise is ‘you decide how much you’ll pay for each beer until the Karma Keg runs out.’ Karma law dictates that “what goes around comes around,” so patrons are expected to be honest about their donations.