Nova goes to London to bring torch to Perth

Nova 937’s Nathan, Nat & Shaun didn’t get a guernsey to go to London, so they did the closest thing they could – which wasn’t close at all. But it was funny, which for breakfast radio is good enough. They made their own torch and got 8 people to carry it from London (Court in Perth city) to Nova’s Studios in Subiaco. Big deal, you say?

Well they did get some celebs involved, like WA Premier Colin Barnett, former Australian Cricketer Justin Langer, Australian Netballer Caitlin Bassett Former Australian Cricketer Adam Gilchrist and Mark the listener from Duncraig.

Also there was West Coast Eagles player Luke Schuey and Perth’s own Fat Cat?Wildcats Co-captain Brad Robbins captained the relay team and carried the Australian flag from start to finish.

It was a sentimental repairing of history because in the year 2000, the breakfast team’s very own Shaun McManus missed out on his chance to carry the torch for the Sydney Olympics. Two weeks out from the event, new Dockers player and AFL legend Tony Modra took his place.

In a twist of fate Team Captain Brad Robbins attempted to repeat history as Fat Cat passed The Torch to Shaun he intercepted it and made off with The Torch forcing Shaun to chase him down the street to reclaim it.

The Torch is now shining a little light on the Nova Balcony and will remain there throughout the duration of the Games. Or until the battery runs out.

Check out for all the highlights, photos and videos, here.