Nova’s Ben & Liam to be locked up for an important cause

Nova 919’s Ben & Liam are throwing their support behind and raising awareness for a cause very close to their hearts, mental health.
On Monday 21 June Ben & Liam will be locked in a purpose-built glass structure, in the middle of Rundle Mall, for an entire week to raise awareness of the importance of looking after your mental health.
They won’t leave the structure, eating, sleeping and broadcasting their entire show LIVE from Rundle Mall until Friday 25 June.
The boys will be “trapped”, drawing parallels with the feelings that people often experience of being trapped inside their own heads when dealing with mental health issues. Across the week Ben & Liam are hoping to get Adelaide talking about this important issue affecting so many within the community and the people who are suffering in silence.
Ben & Liam say, “We’re both so passionate about the importance of looking after your mental health.  Like most people we have loved ones who have issues with their mental health and we’ve seen what can happen when it’s not given the attention it needs. We really hope that we can start conversations all around the state. Conversations that will inevitably help people who are struggling.”
Service Manager of Lifeline Adelaide, Jo Cooley, says, “Lifeline Adelaide is really grateful to Ben & Liam for starting an important conversation about mental health and wellbeing. We can`t stress enough the importance of seeking help if you feel you need it. This is a great reminder for people to reach out and connect with friends and family as well as to check in with people that you think might be struggling . Connection is key to our wellbeing. We want to take this opportunity to remind anyone who is feeling overwhelmed that Lifeline is here to offer you support and we`re ready to listen.”
As well as aiming to drive these vital conversations, Ben & Liam will be calling for donations at with all money raised going to Lifeline Adelaide to assist them in supporting people in crisis.




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