Nova’s Red Room with Taylor Swift

The highly anticipated Nova’s Red Room with Taylor Swift took place on Hamilton Island last night.
The 42 competition winners, Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa, Nova’s national night show host Smallzy and Ep Zach La Cava, some Nova executives and special guests from partners Qantas and Hamilton, were treated to an intimate performance by Taylor Swift at the Yacht Club at Hamilton island in Nova’s Red Room with Taylor Swift.
Hosted by Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa, Taylor delighted the crowd by performing some of her biggest hits including Blank Space, Out of the Woods, Wildest Dreams and Shake It up and discussed the inspiration behind each hit.
Following her performance Fitzy & Wippa chatted to Taylor about her time in Australia and her time on Hamilton Island. They aired their chat this morning on their Nova 96.9 breakfast show which was broadcast live from Hamilton Island.

Fitzy advised her how much this country loves her and that last Saturday night’s gig in which she played to 76,000, a record for an entertainer since the Sydney Olympics. The boys asked if she saw these people.
Taylor said, “I can see them, that’s good. I didn’t know about any records being broken, that’s very exciting guys.
They asked what’s more scary playing to a big crowd or to an intimate show.
Taylor explained, “They are just different. Being here is just like a conversation. I can say stuff, I can joke around with them, they can read a tone a lot easier than someone who is way up in the rafters. I have to change the way I talk a little bit because of the feedback in the stadium, if I was to talk at this pace half the crowd would lose what I was saying, you slow yourself down, I’m a little more deliberate.”
They talked about the famous people she had brought up on stage including Selena Gomez, Keith Urban., what was your pinch yourself moment.
Taylor said, “Mick Jagger, you just never get over how good he is. (for his age?) For any age, I was trying to keep up with him, he had so much more energy than I do. We got out there and he shut the place down, he gave them such a world class performance.”
Wippa asked her about her cats – Meredith and Olive – her cat is called Olivia. Taylor said, “Come on mate.
The boys asked her if the cats were touring with her. 
Fitzy talked about a dad with his daughter in the audience, who teared up when he looked at his daughter when she saw Taylor.
Taylor said “That is so sweet, thank you.”
Taylor said about the concert, “I had a great time, this was great for me.”

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