Nova’s Red Room to feature Stephen Sanchez, hellos and goodbyes.

TikTok sensation, but decidedly old school star Stephen Sanchez will perform in Nova’s Red Room Wednesday 7 June in Sydney.

It will be the first Red Room hosted by Fitzy and Wippa with Kate Richie after Kate joined the duo in March. It will also most likely mark the final time the publicity and media are managed by Jane Elliott before she joins Sound Story in the Communications Director role June 13.

Sanchez’s performance at the Everleigh will come of the back of a headline tour and take place at The Everleigh and include hits like ‘Until I Found You’.

Stephen Sanchez – Photo credit Luke Rogers

Nova listeners can win their way to attend by tuning into 96.9’s Fitzy & Wippa with Kate Ritchie entering via the Nova Player and nationally in The Chrissie Swan Show, Ricki-Lee, Tim & Joel drive show and with Smallzy’s Surgery in nights.

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