Now everyone can play Kate, Tim & Marty’s Quick Draw at home

The fun radio game is now an app

There was a time when television game shows like Sale of the Century gave the losers a board game version of the show as a consolation prize. Now, thanks to technology, Kate, Tim & Marty has made their weekly game show Quick Draw available to all their listeners via the Nova app.

Now anyone can be a Quick Draw contestant on their mobile phones or tablets.

The app replicates the stress inducing and high intensity game that is played every Tuesday on Kate, Tim & Marty’s national Drive show across the Nova Network.

It all started two years ago with Kate and Marty competing against each other,and quiz master Tim asking a series of rapid fire questions such as “name an occupation starting with P.” Whoever called out the correct answer first would win a point with the best out of seven winning the game.

As it turned out, Kate Ritchie proved almost unbeatable so the team decided to evolve the game into a regular segment and invite a different celebrity guest to take on Kate in Quick Draw each week. Kate has justified her competitive title, winning 23 out of 35 rounds and beating the likes of George Calombaris, Kochie and even an experienced television game show host in Grant Denyer. But Kate can be beaten as proven by Joel Creasey, Peter Helliar and Matt Preston.

Kate, Tim & Marty say, “People love famous people, which is why we only let celebrities play our games on air… but now you can play Quick Draw yourself, with your non-famous friends to your heart’s content.”

Quick Draw is available to download now via the current Nova app on iTunes or Google Play.


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