Nurse inquest concludes: Coroner considering decision

Submissions of evidence into the death of Jacintha Saldanha have concluded in London and the Coroner has risen to consider her findings.

This morning the court heard from Police Constable Richard Willis who testified that two notes were found in the the room with Jacintha Saldanha’s body, plus her suicide note. One was to her bosses and the other was to a nurse who had made a bullying complaint against her.

Computer records also showed that the nurse had been looking at the Royal hoax media coverage online and was also searching suicide prevention websites.

The court heard that 2Day FM staff made four phone calls to seek permission to broadcast the call, lasting 35, 18, 17 and 45 seconds each. It is most likely they were answered by Ms Saldanha but the station has declined to reveal details of the calls. 2Day did not gain permission for broadcast.

In a statement read to court, Rhys Holleran said the network took full responsibility for the broadcast and did not apportion blame to its presenters. “All of our staff have been deeply affected. The two presenters have each told me on a number of occasions of their distress and sadness.”

Evidence tendered to the inquest quoted an email message Ms Saldanha sent to a colleague saying: “I don’t know how to face the bosses tomorrow. I feel so ashamed of myself.”  She was scheduled to have a formal meeting the following day with hospital senior executives over her breach of protocols.

Lorraine Horgan reports for radioinfo:


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