OB on foot for 2UE’s Justin Smith

2UE Drive presenter Justin Smith this week hosted his program live from the streets of Sydney’s CBD.
But it was not the usual OB from a bus or caravan, Smith was literally walking the streets during his show and doing his segments on foot in what is probably a first of its kind Outside Broadcast in Sydney.
The OB was in response to several serious accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists in the CBD recently, so the focus of Smith’s show was on pedestrian behaviour in the Central Business District.
The difference in this OB was that the broadcast was not from a fixed location. 

Smith was literally on his feet walking around the city presenting the entire 3 hour program. He used a 4G comrex strapped over his shoulder and presented the full program live, conducting interviews and talkback as he normally would.

The quality was “brilliant” thanks to the Comrex, according to PD Clinton Maynard. “We don’t believe anything like this has really been tried before,” he told radioinfo.


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