Omny Studio partners with Placard Media to fuel podcast advertising

Placard Media, a boutique advertising agency focussed on the growing podcast market, today announced a partnership with podcast host Omny Studio, to pair Australian and New Zealand based audio publishers with advertisers and sponsors.

Under terms of the partnership, podcasts hosted with Omny Studio will gain access to Placard Media’s existing relationships with brands, while giving brands increased access to podcasts through a single point of contact.
“We are thrilled to be able to provide our podcasters with access to new revenue opportunities through this partnership” said Sharon Taylor, CEO of Omny Studio. “Working closely with Placard Media we’re able to help match shows on the platform with the right brand for them, provide advice and support on the monetization process and keep working with them to grow their show.”
The establishment of Placard Media reflects the changing media landscape and move away from traditional media channels, with the trend of consumers actively choosing the content they wish to consume. By matching advertisers with podcasters, the outcome for brands is that they can target a contextually relevant and engaged audience which is more likely to both hear and respond to the advertising.
Placard Media CEO, Andy Hayes, says “The response we’ve received from podcasters to date is fantastic. Podcasters are committed to their craft and wish to retain their credibility and control.  Placard Media has been established to support that, as well as recognise that brands want to maximise their marketing budget by reaching engaged listeners.  It really is a win-win for all.”
According to Edison Research, 72% of all Australians are now aware of the term ‘podcasting’ compared to 60% awareness in the US where podcast advertising revenue has grown by 85 percent since last year. Data from a Telsyte Digital consumer study released in 2016 predicted that almost 40% of Australians were expected to listen to a podcast over the next 12 months. This means that Australia is fast catching up to the US, with recent figures released by Edison showing 40% (112 million) of Americans having ever listened to a podcast (up from 36% in previous year) and 24% having listened in the last month (up from 21%).
Andy Hayes continued, “Our work with Omny will allow more podcasts and brands to make those all important connections. The model will see creators maintain control, with the ability to deliver ads in partnership with the brands, meaning a better outcome for both as the Australian market continues to grow.”

Placard Media is a podcast only advertising agency allowing podcasters to monetise their content while giving brands access to a growing medium that connects to an engaged audience. 

Omny Studio is an all-in-one on-demand audio management solution that helps content creators grow and measure their audience, reduce production costs and monetize. Their hosting platform enables radio stations and podcasters to focus on publishing high-quality content for listeners. 

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