Only On Radio: Cecil the Lion speaks to Steve Irwin

Radio’s unique quality as “theatre of the mind” was brought into sharp relief this morning – as well as stretched to its limits of credulity – on Sydney’s hit104.7 2DayFM Breakfast with Dan & Maz.
Animal Communicator/Psychic Amanda De Warren told the duo she is regularly in touch with wild animal expert, the late Steve Irwin, who tragically died in 2006 after being pierced in the chest by a stingray barb while filming an underwater documentary titled Ocean’s Deadliest. 
Cecil the Lion tragically died just last month after being pierced in the chest by a barb from a crossbow fired by a deadly species of American Dentist.
LIVE over the air waves, Amanda delivered a message from Cecil The Lion through Steve Irwin…. ‘Stop hunting us,’ said Cecil, ‘It’s not nice.’
As Amanda pointed out to a somewhat sceptical Dan Debuf, Cecil didn’t mean just lions, he meant all animal species, in general and especially the endangered ones.
Nonetheless the studio phone lines lit up with callers who were convinced it was all real and wanting to chat to Amanda and hear how their beloved pets are going since crossing over to the other side. 

We’re told that  one caller who didn’t make it to air, told the screener, “For 15 years I tried to get my dog Fester to talk to me. Maybe, now that he’s dead…”

Doncha just love radio? Eat your heart out Spotify!

Listen to the audio in two parts here and here.

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