Osher Günsberg launches Whooshkaa podcasts

Osher Günsberg has joined forces with podcast platform Whooshkaa.

Günsberg, who is set to anchor the Australian podcasting conference, Ozpod 2017, this Friday, is already known nationwide as the host of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette , seven seasons of Australian Idol, across the HIT network on Brisbane breakfast radio, and nationally with Osher’s Love Line.

With his career roots in radio, Günsberg’s appreciation for the intimacy of audio has made him an early champion of podcasting.

The Osher Günsberg Podcast is now in its fourth year with almost 200 episodes, and can now be heard on Whooshka.

“As a long-time podcaster, I’m thrilled to join forces with Whooshkaa,” says Günsberg.

“They focus on the platform and the network, which allows me to concentrate on making the most engaging show that I can each week.”

Whooshkaa Founder and CEO Robert Loewenthal has welcomed The Osher Günsberg Podcast to Whooshkaa and says he looks forward to delivering unprecedented reach, flexibility and returns for the show.

“We love Osher’s engaging and groundbreaking work and are delighted to have The Osher Günsberg Podcast on board,” Loewenthal said.

Whooshkaa delivers best-in-class technology for podcasters and radio networks, with advanced content creation, monetisation and delivery as well as text-to-speech options for print media.

Günsberg and Loewenthal, who recently returned after addressing the Podcast Movement conference in the United States, will both speak at Ozpod at the ABC Ultimo Centre this week.

Also onstage will be Conversations host Richard Fidler, Making Oprah ’s Jenn White, Trace ’s Rachael Brown, Siobhan McHugh of Pheobe’s Fall and more.

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