Paul and Woody help Love Your Sister

After a world record unicycle ride around Australia, Samuel Johnson will shortly be entering Tasmania to complete the final leg. After the inspirational ride the Sea FM Hobart breakfast duo Paul and Woody are going to give Sam a helping hand and join him for the southern part of his ride.

Sea FM will be supporting Sam and joining him in a bid to show that Tasmania is the most generous of states.

How far Paul and Woody ride with him will depend on how much is donated. To make a donation now, head to the Love Your Sister website and comment ‘SEA FM’ in the comments section of your donation.

Sea FM will be holding a radiothon on Tuesday the 11th of February when Sam joins Paul and Woody as a guest host. The station will be taking donations as part of the Radiothon from 6am to 3pm.

More information cna be found on the Sea FM website.

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