Paul & Woody name the Royal Hobart Show’s twin lambs

This week in Hobart has kicked off with Sea FM Breakfast’s Paul and Woodybringing the Royal Hobart Show to the Royal Hobart Hospital’s Children’s Ward.

Armed with boxes chock full of show bags, Paul and Woody happily handed them over to kids who wont have the opportunity to visit the show grounds in the next couple of days. See the attached video.

Paul and Woody were called on by The Royal Hobart Show’s CEO Scott Gadd, and bestowed with the honour of naming the twin lambs of Hobart’s newest celeb Shaun the Sheep.

Shaun’s story made national news, when he was found after being missing from his farm for 6 years. He returned to civilisation with as 16inch coat of fleece. Since then Shaun has befriended Prue and the rest is romantic history. 

Hobart listeners inundated Sea FM with lamb name suggestions, leaving Paul and Woody to chop it down to 4 finalists.

The finalists were; Snowflake & Twinkle, Bo & Peep, Jacqui & Lambie and Satay & Mongolian.

The winners, much to the relief of Scott Gadd, were… Bo & Beep!

Bo and Beep will be appearing every day at the Royal Hobart Show.

Paul and Woody will be broadcasting live from the Show Bag Pavilion from 11am, Thursday through Saturday.  

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