Perth Radio market due for a good spanking

Using images from an earlier TV campaign, new Nova Perth station has put potential advertisers on notice to “assume the new position – Nova 93.7 ” in preparation for a different sounding radio station.

While no launch date has been set, with Nova 93.7 expecting to go live before the end of this year, the station’s advertising team has been introducing potential clients and agencies to the concept of a station that will “sound different” from others in the market.

As a quirky leave behind, potential clients and agencies are being given a 36cm-long, black leather studded “paddle”, an intriguing device inspired by one of Nova’s original launch TVCs developed by Saatchi & Saatchi, in which a matronly woman is spanking a gentleman with a similar weapon.

Gary Roberts, Managing Director of Nova 93.7 told radioinfo: “While the huge impact of Nova in Sydney and Melbourne is well known, exactly how this has been achieved is not as clear to advertisers in Perth. We have spent the last couple of weeks introducing them to the unique Nova philosophy.

“Key to our development of the Nova format is offering a different sound from the traditional radio paradigm and the brand strategy for Nova focuses on that promise… The response from the Perth advertising agencies has been outstanding. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Creative Directors so ready to embrace a new concept for radio – which is exactly what the Nova brand is all about. ”

Nova’s Sydney and Melbourne stations have both committed to no more than two ads in a row – and Perth will program with a similar philosophy. DMG CEO Paul Thompson says Perth’s new station will have half the commercial content of traditional radio.

Client Director John Sackson leads Nova 93.7’s sales team which is divided into direct sales, headed up by Direct Client Manager, Michael Brennan, and agency sales, managed by Agency Client Manager, Gina Azar. Recently Ruth Leyland-Cowan was appointed as Key Client Manager and Jill Jennings was appointed Airtime Manager.

Roberts said: “We have some of the best talent from around Australia coming together for Perth’s Nova 93.7 – listeners and advertisers can expect to see some real changes in Perth radio”.