Planning your year

Are you just back in the office this week?

This year’s ratings researchers went into the field on Monday to begin the survey year and most major shows are now back on air.

Our email bounces show that a bit less than half of you are back at work, so if you’re sitting at your desk opening your new diary and planning your year, we can help. We have done some of the forward planning work for you.

We have populated our 2020 calendar with major conferences and ratings dates. We have also included Australian public holidays by state, plus Cricket, AFL and NRL Fixtures and ‘day of the year.’

Do you have an event to include? Send it to us at [email protected] and we will add it to the calendar.

For our advertisers, we have also included our feature topics for each month. We will do a series of stories on each of these topics during each month, accompanied with themed advertising where appropriate. See the first of this month’s feature stories here.

Major Aussie and international conferences include: Radiodays Europe at Lisbon in March, The ABU’s Digital Broadcasting Symposium in Kuala Lumpur,  Radiodays Asia in September, the NAB shows in America, Broadcast Asia in Singapore and IBC in Amsterdam, amongst others.

And don’t forget World Radio Day, next month on February 13th.

The calendar is below, adjust the view from list (Agenda), to Month or Week by choosing the different tabs at the top right, or navigate by month at the top left by using the arrows or dropdown menu. Click on each event for more details. Once this story comes off the front page, you can always get to it at any time during the year from our Events Calendar page in the main menu. Look up, you will see it between Features and Airplay Charts. If you are reading this on our responsive site on your phone, the Events Calendar link is at the bottom of the page in small print in the black footer section.

You can download the calendar here if you want to insert the entries into your own calendar to save you having to research and retype them.

Wendy, who sees all our incoming emails and out of office bounces reports that her two ‘best ever’ out of office messages were from Nozz:

Hi this is world famous action hero Chuck Norris; 

You might know me for my celebrated trademark beard, my incredible acting skills in such TV shows as Walker Texas Ranger. Or for my self made martial art Chun Kuk Do (true strory!). 

You probably also know the incredible range of skills I possess.  I’ve counted to infinity ….twice.  I’m the only person to have slammed a revolving door.  And I don’t ever sleep …..I wait. 

But the key to all my incredible skills is a calm mind. And I keep calm by answering Nozz’s emails while he is on “Chuck Leave”. He is currently in Iceland scaling a glacier and can’t be reached.

See below for all iHeartRadio enquiries. Nozz will return March 26.  And if you need someone with the skills to kill two stones with one bird, then I’m your guy.  Love, Chuck

Hi this is world famous media legend Ryan Seacrest, 

You know I’ve done a lot of great gigs in my time. From American Idol, to this weekend’s incredible iHeartRadio Music Festival. I even hosted the Under 13 AFL Little League Awards last weekend.

But there’s no greater gig, than to be right here answering my soul buddy Nozz’s emails while we live large together here in Las Vegas.

We’re just helping answer each other’s emails when we hit the pool, poker tables or the 100s cocktail bars in Vegas.

Nozz will still be checking emails irregularly, but if it’s urgent, you can call his cell phone +61 417 127 011. But remember the time difference or it may be considered another booty call. He’s back in Sydney from Oct 2.

Well I have to host the next bingo call in the senior citizens home next door. Nozz will get back to you as soon as he can.

And remember what happens I  Vegas stays in Vegas….except credit card debt. That crap will follow you everywhere.

Ryan ‘Host with the Most’ Seacrest




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